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Thunderstruck II

Thunderstruck II Online Slot

Scandinavian myths are a popular theme in the world of online pokies. You’ll find dozens of slots that tell the stories of Odin and Loki. Famous pokies providers regularly release new games based on the theme and keep the interest of established titles alive. One of them is Thunderstruck II. Slot review will show why this machine is so beloved by gamers.



Short description and Experience

You’ll quickly find several Thunderstruck II casinos that are trustworthy and guarantee quick payouts. We’ve chosen a trusted slot room for your spins, and if you’re in any doubt about which platform to choose, check out our top-rated and standalone reviews, like our 888 casino review.

Thunderstruck II was released in 2010 and continues and updates the famous Microgaming slot. The game is dedicated to Norse mythology and all of the symbols are related to Scandinavia in one way or another. You will meet the gods, the Valkyries, ancient ships and the way to Valhalla.

Thunderstruck II Canada has detailed, bright graphics, simple controls, over 200 paylines and a real chance to win in the bonus round. We enjoyed the game and made sure that it hasn’t become any less attractive in its 10 years of existence.

Symbol Designation

symbols thunderstruck II

The creators of Thunderstruck II – Microgaming always chooses their designers carefully – have developed a unique style of the slot where the mythical characters have been given special multipliers that provide a multiplier of times when you hit a winning combination of the bet amount.

We will describe the meaning of each symbol in detail. There are 8 main symbols in the game. A winning combination is formed from 3, 4 or 5 symbols. The more symbols in a line are matched, the higher the multiplier the combination has:

  • A warship (Viking Drakkar) – for a roll of 3 symbols, your bet will be multiplied by 0.5. 4 symbols will bring you x1.66 and 5 ships x8.33;
  • rainbow bridge to Valhalla – has multipliers of x0.5, x1.66, x10;
  • Valkyrie – x0.66, x2.66 and x11.66 for 3, 4 and 5 characters respectively;
  • the insidious Loki – x0.66, x2.66 and x13.33;
  • Odin – x1, x3.33 and x15;
  • Thor – x1, x3.33 and x16.66.

Pay attention to the payout table at Thunderstruck II casino. It calculates winnings in coins. You decide how many coins to put on the line and what denomination to set. That will depend on the amount of bet.

In draw also involved card symbols, but their multipliers are much lower. For example, with a roll in a line of nine, ten, jack, queen, king or ace, you can get 5 to 150 coins.

Additionally, you will be rewarded with a scatter and a wild. The Wild symbol – the game logo – will award the player 75, 200 and 1,000 coins on a roll of 3 to 5 symbols. The Scatter – Thor’s Hammer with Bonus – gives prizes when 2 to 5 symbols are on a line. That’s 1, 2, 20 and 200 coins.

Your Betting Options at Thunderstruck II

The goal of any player is to win the Thunderstruck II jackpot. The maximum payout per spin can be as much as 2,400,000 coins. In addition, multipliers in winning combinations of bonus spins can increase your winnings by up to 88 times.

In Thunderstruck II – play for free or for money – there are 243 paylines. You can bet on just one or all of them at once. The minimum pay per spin is $0.3, and the maximum bet reaches $60.

Choose how many coins you wager on a line (1 to 5) and their denomination (0.01 to 0.20).

To win, you will need 3 to 5 symbols in a line. The symbols are placed from left to right from the first reel. If your spin brings one of the set combinations in one of the lines, the bet amount will be multiplied by the multiplier of that combination.

The Scatter will replace the missing symbol if it’s in the combination. So you can play more profitable.

Thunderstruck II Exciting Gameplay

gameplay thunderstruck II

The game unfolds on a grey background, and the reels are twisted with Scandinavian ornaments. The slot has 5 reels in 3 rows. Traditional for Microgaming slots, the controls are on the right side of the playing field. Here you choose the number of lines, set the denomination of coins, run spins. Thunderstruck II has no autostart, but this is only for the player’s benefit: he will be able to control each spin. If you feel that the reels can be sped up, use the “lightning bolt” button.

The symbols in the slot are easy to read and recognisable. Study the payout table in the info block to get your bearings quickly. Use the demo version. It will not bring you any real winnings, but you can assess the game’s volatility and build a strategy for using your bankroll.

Bonus and Unique Features of Thunderstruck II

The Bonus game is triggered by 2, 3, 4 or 5 symbols showing Thor’s hammer. The combination of hammers will redirect the player to the freespin room, which contains several bonus features that are slowly unlocked as the game progresses.

The first round is Valkyrie bonuses – 10 free spins, the multiplier for winning is x5;

Loki bonuses – 15 free spins with a special Wild Magic feature. The Wild Magic symbol on reel 3 converts the symbols into a winning combination, and you get 2 to 4 extra free spins;

Odin bonuses – 20 free spins with the Wild Raven bonus. Above the reels, you will see 2 ravens that can descend onto the playing field. A descending raven turns the symbol into a wild with a multiplier of x3. If both ravens drop, the multiplier for the winning combination is x6;

Thor bonuses – 25 free spins with the Rolling Reels feature. Already collected combinations fall off the reels and are replaced by other symbols to give a new win instantly.

Thunderstruck II winners can pump up their bankroll significantly during the bonus spins.

How to play Thunderstruck II

Choose the online casino that is right for you, one that offers Canadians easy sign-up procedures, a comfortable lobby and accessible methods for depositing and withdrawing money. Remember, the gaming room must be licensed.

After logging in to the casino website, fund your account and select Thunderstruck II in the game lobby.

Start the game and once again evaluate the payout table and interface.

Select the number of lines.

Set the coin denomination and choose how many coins you will bet on each selected line.

Start the spins and collect the combinations.

There are no automatic spins, but there is a maximum bet feature – all your spins will pay the highest amount available.

Thunderstruck II RTP is 96.65%, and volatility is low. As a result, you’ll be able to get small winnings more often than in other machines. If you think through your betting sizes and are willing to spend a little longer playing to get the bonus free spins, your winnings will be higher.

Thunderstruck II On Mobile

Get ready to play Thunderstruck II on mobile today. You’ll always find this slot at mobile casinos. It adapts seamlessly to your smartphone operating system, loads quickly and keeps the bonus features fully intact.

A reliable casino will provide a convenient way to withdraw your winnings and reward you with deposit bonuses even in the mobile version.


Thunderstruck II is one of Microgaming’s flagship games. It is built around Scandinavian mythology, and its main symbols are Drakkar, Valkyrie and the gods’ Thor, Loki and Odin. The highest multipliers are in the icons depicting the gods.

Microgaming has thought of 4 bonus rounds at once. You progressively advance from the first 10 free spins to the final 25 if you get 4 scatter combinations in one game.

The maximum winnings amount is 2,500,000 coins. The actual winnings will depend on the denomination you set and the size of the bet.

Thunderstruck II is a classic yet exciting slot in a Scandinavian atmosphere.


What is the RTP of Thunderstruck II?

The payout percentage is 96.65%. Out of every $100 you can get 96.65.

Where can I play Thunderstruck II for real money?

Most international casinos allow Canadians free access to Microgaming slots, including Thunderstruck II. Use our top-rated casinos with bonuses to find a reliable slot room.

What are the minimum and maximum bets in Thunderstruck II?

You can bet between $0.3 and $60.

How to win at Thunderstruck II?

Look for the best combinations with the most expensive symbols – Thor and One. Scatters and wilds in combinations also have their multipliers. Use the bonus spins. Keep in mind the high volatility: small frequent winnings you are guaranteed.

Is Thunderstruck II safe?

All Microgaming slots have shown a high level of safety and honesty. So if your choice of online casino was the right one, you could play Thunderstruck II without fear.