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Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune Online Slot

Wheel of Fortune is one of television’s most successful shows, and the franchise has spread worldwide, with many still fond memories of its hosts, generous prizes and the inspiration of its participants. Microgaming has taken advantage of this by developing a popular slot machine based on the show. So if you’re a fan or want to find out more, our Wheel of Fortune slot review is for you.



Short description and Experience

Today, Wheel of Fortune casinos run into the hundreds. So it shouldn’t be hard to find the online lobby you need to spin the reels and win. Check out a few ratings or reviews, like Playnow reviews, to find the best platform with Wheel of Fortune Canada.

Live entertainment developer Wheel of Fortune, Microgaming, launched the Quickfire platform in 2010. On it, the provider hosts its best games.

Quickfire is your way to get access to top games in no time. And today, you can spin the wheel of fortune live, win big prizes and enjoy the collaborative effort between Microgaming and BetGames.

Charming presenters spin the giant wheel, just as they do for TV draws, while players bet on the winning field. Exciting and reminiscent of real casino roulette.

Symbol Designation

symbols wheel of fortune

Wheel of Fortune is a game show where the real draw is based on chance. So naturally, therefore, no particular combination can be called a winning one.

The dealer turns the wheel clockwise, and the number it hits with the famous clap brings the winnings to the live room visitor who mentions that number in their bet.

The wheel has 19 sectors. Each has a different multiplier, which gives you a win when multiplied by the stake. Underneath number 19 is the Wheel of Fortune jackpot – the maximum multiplier, 17.5.

Wheel of Fortune is not a classic online slot but a live draw with no scatter or wild symbol. There are only 19 number fields where you place your bet. You can also bet on the colour of the field, even / odd or more / less than the number.

Your Betting Options at Wheel of Fortune

You can become one of the Wheel of Fortune winners when you place bets in several groups. But, first, you decide which bet you want to set and if you wish to add more groups.

  • Numbers
    • Еhe exact number – if you guess, the odds are 17,5
    • A digit range of 1 to 6, 7 to 12, 13 to 18 will give you an odds of 2.9 if you bet on it.
    • А digit less than 9.5 or more than 9.5 – the odds are 1.95
  • Colour of the field
    • The Grey, red or black sector will multiply the bet amount by 2.9 if you fall out and bet on it.
    • Star sector – coefficient 17,5
  • Even / Odd
    • If your bet wins and the wheel stops at “any even”, “any odd” – odds 1.95
    • If the bet is “any even in grey/red/black sector” or “any odd in grey/red/black sector” – odds 5.85.

The minimum bet per spin is $1, and the maximum is $100.

Odds can vary by a few tenths or even units, depending on the particular casino hosting the game.

There is a high temptation to choose bets on specific numbers only because they have high odds, but in reality, such bets only win 5.2% of the time. Therefore, give yourself a more comprehensive range of options. The most productive stakes are on colours and segments of numbers.

The wheel of Fortune RTP is 96.3%, but the odds of winning a super-prize with widespread possibilities can be debatable 50/50.

Wheel of Fortune Exciting Gameplay

gameplay wheel of fortune

When you start the game live, it will only take 20-30 seconds for the betting control panel to pop up. During this time, the dealer is already spinning the reel in the foreground, but you can either take your bets (the closing time is indicated on the screen) or wait for a new interval.

The simple gameplay is uncomplicated. It looks like a traditional sports betting table with odds. There are additional features:

  • free play in demo mode
  • silent game

Information on previous draws results (if you are a strategy player, you may need it to analyse the game and predict the results).

Unfortunately, there is no bonus game inside the draw, but you can use the online casino’s welcome gift for betting if its use is provided for game shows.

How to play Wheel of Fortune

To play at Wheel of Fortune casino, log in to your online gaming platform and make sure you have enough cash in your account to place your first bets. When your preparations are complete, launch the live slot machine and follow the simple instructions.

You’ll see the betting groups in the control panel – on numbers, colours, number intervals, and odds. You will need to click on the option you are predicting. Then, on the right-hand side of the Betslip panel, you will enter the stake amount and confirm it.

You will typically have 4.5 minutes to think about and form your bet. During this time, bets are open, then the acceptance closes, the dealer spins the wheel – and you’ll know if you’re winning.

Wheel of Fortune On Mobile

Yes, Wheel of Fortune is a proven TV slot, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play it from modern devices. So get up and running with Wheel of Fortune mobile and spin the reels right now.

You can get this feature if you go to your gambling hall website from your mobile browser. Mobile versions of websites today allow you to automatically download any lobby-located slot on your Android or iOS without having to install any additional software.

On mobile, you can collect combinations, make deposits and withdrawals, and use wilds and scatters with bonus spins.


Wheel of Fortune as a game show is not like the standard online pokies. There are no traditional poker symbols or bonus rounds, and the draw takes place live, 24/7, with live dealers.

You can switch to live streaming and bet on specific numbers on the wheel of fortune, number ranges or sector colours. High odds betting from $1 to $100 will add significantly to your bankroll.


What is the RTP of Wheel of Fortune?

The show has a 96.3% RTP and has a 50/50 chance of winning the top prizes.

Where can I play Wheel of Fortune for real money?

Real money bets are available in all casinos. Find the best lobby option in our reviews or on your own. What matters is the reputation of the platform and the ability to withdraw your winnings quickly and securely.

What are the minimum and maximum bets in Wheel of Fortune?

Bet any amount from $1 to $100.

How to win at Wheel of Fortune?

Do not gamble on a specific number; statistically, they win lower than ranges or sector colours. Do not rely on strategies developed before you; nobody has complete control over the Wheel of Fortune. Finally, do not bet heavily on the first few spins.

Is Wheel of Fortune safe?

Microgaming and Quickfire develop games using random number generator (RNG) software to ensure fair and random outcomes. Regulators in the Isle of Man, where the company is licensed, both platforms are audited.